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Tips for growers and gardeners

Every gardener who loves his work is ready to do everything to grow healthy and Beautiful plants Without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In our time it is almost impossible to find vegetables and fruits that would have matured without the use of chemistry, but then the whole value of food is lost.

And in fact, before the appearance of all these harmful substances, people somehow dispensed with chemistry. "so simple!" Collected for you recipes tested for years Natural fertilizers And ways of fighting pests. Thanks to these brilliant tips, your site will resemble a paradise garden!

Tips for growers and gardeners

  1. Sometimes old apple-trees cease to bloom, so theirNeed a little to stimulate. Hammer a nail into the fruit tree, and it will blossom. In India, gardeners do the same with coconut palms. This procedure is absolutely harmless for wood.
  2. A nail in a tree

  3. If the plant discards flowers, buds and ovaries,Magnesium sulfate (English salt, magnesium sulphate) will help you. It is a natural mineral that is extracted from sea water. The result is almost instantaneous.

    2 tbsp. L. Sulfate in a liter bottle of warm water and shake well. Spray the plants once every two weeks from the beginning of flowering and until the time when you can not collect the fruits.

  4. Iron is necessary for plants to grow, with itsDeficiency their leaves turn yellow. This is usually due to an excess of phosphorus in the ground. Place a few rusty nails in the water and spray the plants with it. This will help to solve the problem quickly.
  5. Rusty nails

  6. With fungal diseases is best foughtsoda. In 3 liters of warm water, dilute a tablespoon of soda and sprinkle with this plant liquid. Water should completely cover the plant and drain into the soil.
  7. Milk is very useful for plants. Some mistresses squirt the milk directly into the stem of the plant. Diluted milk can spray the root zone and foliage. Always dilute milk and do not use it too often.
  8. Copper coins prevent the appearance of fungus. Bury a few coins in the ground around the plant, and copper will destroy the fungal spores.
  9. Use sweet soda water as a Traps for insects. Leave a little soda in the bottle and hang it on a fruit tree. This method is not recommended for use in the flowering period.
  10. Wood ash is useful for soil where asparagus, broccoli, beans, beet grows. Coffee grounds, fertilize roses, azaleas, rhododendrons.
  11. ash

  12. This advice may seem funny, but the plantsLove music. Studies show that jazz and classical music favorably affect the condition and growth of plants. This trick is used even on the famous grape plantations.

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