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Evening hair by your own hands

Many girls prefer not to bother with the hair and simply dismiss their hair. Today we will teach you how to create a luxurious hairstyle for yourself. Loose hair.

You will learn how to make a simple and at the same time Elegant hairstyle. It is perfect for long hair and medium length hair.

Before you start creating it, you need to prepare your hair. Apply a little foam or modeling cream for the entire length, since clean strands tend to crumble and create difficulties when Openwork weaving.

If you do not want to waste time on expensive salons and hairdressers to make an amazing hairstyle - our article is just for you!

The girl divided her bangs into strands

Evening hairstyle

You will need

  • Foam for hair (or modeling cream)
  • Invisibility (the number depends on the length of the hair)

In this video shows a master class to create an amazing flower from the hair. Elegantly obtained ...

It is worth only a little practice, and you can create such a charm in a matter of minutes. Tell your friends about this unusual hairstyle with weaving, do not be greedy!