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How to fold a sheet

Many people, focusing on the West, began to use as a bed linen Stretch sheets. Their advantages are comfort and the fact that they never slip off the mattress. However, they have a drawback - they are difficult to fold after washing.

If you still keep Sheets on an elastic band In a crumpled form - this article is for you! Today we show how to accurately stack them. Just a couple of minutes of training, and you'll learn how to keep your underwear in order! And in the closet there will be a sea of ​​free space for your favorite things.

Sheet on elastic

How to fold a sheet

Thanks to this method it turns out to be foldedThe sheet is pretty beautiful, but you can not say it quickly. But, you must agree, it's worth spending a couple of extra minutes to then not be nervous in finding the right things in the closet.

most effective method Folding the sheets on the elastic band, look in this video.

Be sure to share this lifhak with all your friends, let there always be order in their house! But we have one more useful trick for you.