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Life coats for office

Savings and practicality - these are two whales,Which are held by my family budget. But there is a third force that works for me every day: these are useful tricks that help to facilitate the execution of any business!

Working in the office, I really want to spend money rationally for snacks and dinners, while eating in a balanced manner. Recently I discovered for myself such interesting Culinary tricks, Created specifically for office workers. I share them with undisguised delight!

Egg and coffee

Office for office

Having looked this video, you learn, How to boil an egg In a typical cup of coffee. It is only necessary to place the washed egg in a cup of a hot, invigorating drink, as in a couple of minutes it will be ready!

The egg will be soft-boiled - and that's fine, good for health! A couple of months ago, I tried to lose weight and observed Protein diet, At that time a wonderful trick became my salvation.

From this video everyone can gleam a brightIdea: how to cut an apple so that it is convenient to eat at the monitor, how to initially pack sandwiches to work, as there are cookies, not crumbling all the keyboards ... ingeniously, to be sure!

Learning new, we are getting better! If you seem interested in these original ideas, show them to your favorite friends.