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Character by the nose

physiognomy Is a method of determining the qualities of a person and a state of mind based on the facial features and facial expressions. The art of reading through the face in ancient China originated and in times of confusion it was already unusually popular.

Chinese are confident: the one who learns Read by face, Will be able to penetrate the soul of a person and even discern his fate!

The nose is the most outstanding part of our face, it sets the proportions to the person and creates a balance. Therefore, as physiognomists claim, To determine the nature of the person On the nose should pay attention first. Check what your nose can tell you!

Character on the nose

Character on the nose

  1. Roman nose
    Roman nose

    An elongated nose with a slightly curved down tipSpeaks of the courage, purposefulness, masculinity of its owner. A person with such a nose is able without hesitation to make difficult decisions, has an analytical mind, easily ascends the career ladder.

  2. Fleshy nose
    Fleshy nose

    People with such noses are endowed with creativeAbilities. They are passionate and charming, generous and intelligent, always ready to come to the rescue, protect, help ... women with this type of nose - excellent housewives and caring mothers.

  3. upturned nose
    upturned nose

    They are people with a great sense of humor, optimists in life. Sensual natures, they are prone to frequent mood swings, but at the same time they are fascinated almost from the first minutes of dating!

  4. Greek nose
    Greek nose

    Hard-working and serious people. They are always confident of their rightness and are inclined to even show some obstinacy. But behind apparent inaccessibility lies a very vulnerable nature, which needs praise and approval.

  5. Snub nose
    Snub nose

    The snub nose differs from the snub nose in thatThe tip of it is more rounded and fleshy. Meeting a man with a snub nose, unwillingly imbued with confidence. These people literally emit reliability and tranquility, possess the gift of eloquence, are always ready to help ... often to the detriment of their own interests.

    Probably, therefore, owners of snub nose always have so many friends and acquaintances!

  6. Roman nose
    Roman nose

    These are born businessmen! They have a special sense of money and unerringly conclude profitable deals. And yet they are great teachers, ready to give everything to work.

  7. Small nose
    Small nose

    A short nose speaks of the flexibility of hisOwner, the ability to compromise. These people are open, optimistic and attractive, but at the same time very vulnerable and need support and approval.

  8. straight nose
    straight nose

    People with a strong character and clear mind, possessAn exceptional aesthetic perception, a deep understanding of art and everything beautiful. In the professional sphere confidently go to the goal and achieve success!

The art of reading in the face refers to our bodySense of smell is an important role in determining the vital force, mind and sensuality and health. Now you have a reason to look at your own in a new way: learn more about them!

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