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Required programs for the computer

Now there is simply a huge number of programs that can help in the daily Work at the computer. But not all users are aware of their existence.

It is especially difficult to make friends with new technologies for older people. But they will do well, if you have at hand our collection Useful programs!!

Necessary programs for the computer

  1. Antivirus software
    Protect your computer or laptop from harmful interference with these programs.
  2. Download programs
    This selection will ensure the safe downloading of files from the Internet.
    Download programs
  3. Programs for downloading video and audio files
    Use them when downloading your favorite movies and music.
    Software for downloading video and audio
  4. Programs for downloading from servers and file hosting
    They will provide reliable downloads of files from servers and the preservation of information in trusted file sharing.
    Programs for downloading from ordinary servers

     File sharing
  5. Programs for recording sound and changing the voice
    Sometimes we need not only basic tools, but also special utilities for working with sound. For this perfectly suited these quality programs!
    Sound recording software

    Programs to change the voice
  6. Programs for recording video from the screen
    Such programs will be useful to those who want to share their knowledge with others. Record video lessons directly from your screen!
    Programs for recording video from the screen
  7. Codecs and converters
    Use codecs to convert data or signal, and you can change the format of the files using converters.

  8. Record players
    These programs are perfect for listening to your favorite music and watching movies.
    Record players
  9. System programs
    Optimally use and place data on your computer. Perhaps, problems with its work arise because of the large number of unnecessary files.
    System programs
  10. Office software
    We have selected the most basic programs for you in the office!
    Office software
  11. Archivers
    You will not lose important files and folders if on your computer there is one of these programs!

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