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How to fold socks

Often we do not even think about Folding socks into the cupboard. We either throw them all together after washing on the shelf, because of what we spend a lot of time in the mornings, trying to find a pair of socks, or wrap them in pairs in kind of lumps that take up quite a lot of space on the shelves. And it's not very neat.

"so simple!" It offers you to get acquainted with the Japanese method of folding socks, which will help to guide Order in the closet. This method may take a little moreTime, even the standard procedure, but in the closet will be an ideal order, because the socks will be stacked neatly. So you can easily find the right pair for you!

How to fold socks

The whole edition "so simple!" Vowed that from now on she will put socks together just like that! We are perfectionists and we love order. But did you like this method?