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Than it is possible to deduce a stain

Stains on clothes Appear even among the most accurate of us. Do not get upset over trifles - "so simple!" Knows that you can easily cope with pollution of any origin! You will not have time to blink an eye, as a nasty spot disappears, but on the soul it becomes easier.

This is a great crib for the perfect purity of things that we give to the hostesses! Especially advice on oily spots and spots from cosmetics ...

Than can remove a stain

  1. Sweat stains
    Lemon juice is a wonderful natural bleach. Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice on an unpleasant stain 2 hours before washing, and it is guaranteed to disappear! Now Remove stains from white There is no difficulty.
  2. Remove white spots from perspiration

  3. Stains from lipstick
    Wet wipes very well help to remove fresh stains from lipstick, absorbing all the dirt and removing fat without residue!
  4. Remove the spot quickly

  5. Stains from deodorant
    Worse spots of sweat on clothes can only be white stains from deodorant. To my surprise, the denim flap perfectly removes these disgusting stains!
  6. Remove stains of deodorant

  7. Oil stains
    With stains from oil and other greasy spots playfully handle the ordinary white chalk! Put a little chalk on the problem site, and the chalk will absorb the excess fat.
  8. To remove a greasy stain from clothes

  9. Stains from decorative cosmetics
    Traces of foundation or foundation for make-up are removed in two accounts, if you use shaving foam.
  10. Bring out a fat old stain

  11. Coffee stains
    If you spilled coffee on your clothes, you should immediately moisten the stain with water and rub a little soda into it. Stains on the fabric Are deduced as by magic!
  12. Remove the stain from coffee

  13. Stains from fatty foods
    When the chalk is not at hand, use soda as a remedy for oily stains. Mineral water with gas helped me out more than once!
  14. Remove a stain at home

  15. Stains from grass
    All parents know how difficult it is to cope with stains from grass. Vinegar comes to the rescue, check on the case - a wonderful result!
  16. Stain with vinegar

It seems to me, it is necessary to print this table andHang next to the washing machine. Miracle remedies will help remove new and well-absorbed stains in the fabric. Share this cheat sheet with friends, they will certainly appreciate its usefulness!