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How to make a dress

Now I can make a dress without stitching it! To bring this brilliant idea to life, you will only need a large size T-shirt, scissors and special adhesive for the fabric. In any house for sure there is a pair of immense t-shirts, and that's how you can give them a second life!

T-shirt dress Will not be too long, but you can wear it with leggings or pantyhose. If there is an unusual print on the shirt, it certainly will be the only thing of its kind.

Dress of a T-shirt with your own hands

How to make a dress

Such simple creative projects prove that any person who is even very far from such occupations can engage in needlework. Without unnecessary waste of time, inconveniences and needle pricks can be done Dress of a T-shirt with your own hands!!

Watch a video about how it's done! It seems to me, it's hard to come up with something simpler ...

An apron with pockets of old jeans, a hat made of a sweater, a dress from a man's shirt - how many wonderful things can be done if you get carried away by rework!

If you were inspired by the video, be sure to try to make such a dress and show an interesting idea to your friends!