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Treatment of bones on the foot at home

With this problem, unfortunately, most often encounter women. Doctors argue that it is in the beautiful sex observed Congenital weakness of the musculoskeletal system. And women, not knowing this, aspire skywards, dressing high heels.

The foot does not withstand the load and is deformed. Emergence Valgus deformity of toe Provoked not only uncomfortable shoes. The causes of the disease are also: excess weight, prolonged walking, heredity and flat feet.

To date, the most Effective From this disease is an operation. But it is possible to prevent and stop the development of the disease with the help of folk remedies. We will tell you about the most effective methods of fighting this disease.

Uncomfortable shoes consequences

Bone treatment on the foot at home

  1. Madder dyeing
    The decoction from the root of this herb should be taken,When the first signs of the disease appeared. Fill one teaspoon of the root of the madder with a glass of hot water. Put the broth boiled in a water bath for 10 minutes, then let it cool. Having filtered this drink, use it 2 times a day for 100 g.
  2. Dandelion and iodine
    Grind 100 g of dandelion flowers or buyThem in the pharmacy. Fill the flowers with iodine so that it completely covers them. Use the remedy after you have properly rooted legs. Apply the resulting mixture on a sore spot in the form of a grid. It is recommended to do this procedure at night for two weeks.
  3. Mustard, water, machine oil and turpentine
    Treatment with decoction of madder is recommended to combine withBy applying an ointment prepared at home. Mix one tablespoon of dry mustard, the same amount of body and machine oil and two tablespoons of turpentine. The smell of this ointment is not pleasant, but the result will make you wonder!
  4. Burdock and turpentine
    An excellent remedy for this disease isA pack of burdock and turpentine. You need to be extremely cautious, doing this procedure, since turpentine can leave burns on the skin. Smear the outer side of the burdock leaves with a small amount of turpentine.

    Wrap them part of the leg to the knee. From the top, wrap the leg with a plastic bag and wrap it with a woolen cloth. To do such a compress should be every day for three months.

  5. Iodine and salt
    To ease the pain, use special trays. Solvent in a liter of water 2 tablespoons of salt and add 10 drops of iodine. Carry out this procedure 2 times a day.
  6. Acetic essence, egg, smale and turpentine
    Ointment from these ingredients contributes toPrevention of bone development on the foot. Take a white chicken egg and put it in a glass. Pour it with acetic essence in such a way that the egg is completely covered with liquid.

    Put the glass in a dark place for 2 weeks,Wait for complete dissolution of the shell. Discard the remnants of the egg shell, add 10 grams of turpentine and 1 tablespoon of smalt to the mixture. Mix everything thoroughly. You will have an excellent ointment. To put it or her it is necessary on a sore spot in day, alternating procedure with drawing of an iodine grid.

  7. propolis
    An effective remedy for a troubling boneThere will be a compress of propolis. Soften a small piece of propolis in your hands and attach it to the night to a sore spot, fixing it with a bandage on your leg. For the procedure, you can also use propolis infusion. Do such compresses every night for two weeks.
  8. Iodine and aspirin
    Soluble 5 tablets of aspirin in 10 mg of iodine. With the help of this means, lubricate the diseased area before going to bed. Conduct such a procedure for three days, after which make a two-week break.

Before proceeding to self, it is compulsoryConsult with your doctor. Remember that these methods are not an alternative to professional help. Such folk remedies can only remove pain symptoms and stop the development of an unpleasant disease.

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