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How to make a soft toy

This article is another proof of the fact that Mom is the most resourceful, creative and creative person in the world! Verily, women's resourcefulness knows no bounds ...

When the kid of this mother-needlewoman grew up andThe sliders became small, she came up with what she could do with expensive things. The result impressed me so much that I immediately decided to find my son's old clothes. An invaluable idea for all mothers and grandmothers - to sew such Soft toys with their own hands!!

How to make a soft toy

  1. We all tend to keep things that are of special importance to us. This is the best way to perpetuate your child's favorite outfit, I believe!
    How to make a soft toy with your own hands

    How to make a soft toy with your own hands
  2. A bright soft toy will be a wonderful friend for the baby!
    How to make a soft toy with your own hands
  3. It is very simple to create such a cute masterpiece: you just need to buy a filler for soft toys, and then it's a little thing!
    How to make a soft toy with your own hands
  4. Such soft toys equally like boys and girls, even those who are not at that age to play them ... a perfect gift for a birthday at any age!
    How to make a soft toy at home
  5. In such a simple way you can sew different fairy-tale characters - all will be irresistible equally!
    Soft toy teddy bear
  6. I already represent the son's face when I am pleased with his craftsmanship! I will present with a child's photo, on which he flaunts in this dress.
    Soft toy teddy bear

    Sew a stuffed toy

    Sew a soft toy with your own hands
  7. So look beautiful memories of childhood!
    Soft toy made of cloth
  8. I do not even know who I like more ...
    Soft toy dolphin
  9. Very pretty rabbit.
    Soft toy bunny
  10. Toys made by own hands, Are always special. Armed with these ideas, the result will definitely please you and your loved ones!
    Soft toy at home

If you are fascinated by this idea of ​​altering children's clothes, show it to your friends! It is impossible to remain indifferent, looking at these lovely things ... that's what happens when motherly love is embodied in creativity!