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The habit of gnawing nails

Habit of gnawing nails Occurs in children around the age of 4 years. That lies at its basis, the researchers did not fully understand. Some experts regard this phenomenon as a reaction to stress, others are sure that this is a sign of problems with the psyche, and still others say that this habit is inherited.

Habit of gnawing nails

However, from the harmful thrust of constantly keeping your hands in your mouth you need to get rid of it immediately. "so simple!" Counted 9 consequences of the habit of gnawing nails, Which will make anyone think.

Habit of gnawing nails

  1. Under the fingernails is a whole hotbed of all kinds of bacteria and fungi. Next time, raising your hands to your mouth, imagine how this merry brother moves into your body.
    Bacteria under the nails
  2. Besides bacteria and fungi, under the nails can be and eggs of worms ...
  3. While biting off the nail plate, you can damage the tooth enamel. Even a case of displacement of the jaw is recorded.
  4. Biting nails, you can hurt the gums and mucous of the tongue and immediately infect the wound. Staphylococci from under the nails will work on the development Stomatitis in the mouth.
  5. Information for the ladies: nail polish nails are harmful doubly. Most varnishes contain formaldehyde - a poisonous substance, which is processed by corpses in the morgue. Br-rr ...
  6. As a result of nail biting, the nail bed collapses. The nail eventually irreversibly shortens and can turn into a stump protruding from the finger.
  7. In the corners of the nails, bruises are formed, which are immediately attacked by bacteria.
    Habit of gnawing nails
  8. The psychological breakdown that causes nail biting may even worsen if you continue to chew your nails.
  9. And the last: you can not successfully play poker! The habit will give you away with a head.

Get rid of the habit Nail one's nails quite difficult. The main thing is to understand for yourself that this is unhygienic and ugly, and then start consciously to fight.

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