/ How to grow a brow quickly

How to grow a brow quickly

Eyebrows - an important part of our appearance. Which eyebrows do you prefer: a thread or wide? This year all women of fashion choose the second option. Today we will figure out how to properly care for them and how to achieve that even the hopeless, tweezed eyebrows rose again.

Most often the main cause of rare hair on the eyebrows becomes Improper care. Regularly plucking eyebrows in the same place, you loosen the hair follicles, because of what the hairs become thin and sparse. Our editorial board has prepared 6 tips for you Eyebrow care. Let it be the eyebrows of your appearance!

How to quickly grow eyebrows

  1. Leave your eyebrows alone
    For a while you will have to put the tweezers inSide. Of course, not quite, nobody plucked eyebrows on the bridge of the nose. Use a pencil to correct the shape of the eyebrows, it will perfectly cover all the shortcomings during growing.
    Thick eyebrows Photo
  2. Comb your brows
    Few people know, but the usual combing of the eyebrows is an excellent stimulation of their growth. Do this procedure every evening after removing makeup, and within a week the result will be noticeable.
    Comb your brows
  3. Use a razor for your eyebrows
    Even during eyebrows, do not forget about aesthetics. Adjust the shape with a special tool - a razor for eyebrows.
    Special razor for eyebrows
  4. Use serum to grow your eyebrows
    For today there are many means,Which promote active hair growth. It is best to apply them at night, so that the remedy is as long as possible on the hairs. It is also good to use castor oil for this purpose.
    Brow serum
  5. Take vitamins
    As you know, all our problems with appearance are a reflection of the internal state of the body. A good helper in the fight for healthy hair and nails will become a vitamin e.
    Vitamins for the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes
  6. Adhere to proper nutrition
    Lovers of fast food should not dream of dense and beautiful eyebrows. Add more protein and foods containing vitamins a and f to your diet.
    Protein food for hair growth

This girl will show you, How to beautifully make up eyebrows In just a few minutes. Take it into service!

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