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Hombres at home

When we dye our hair, we damage them. Even paints without ammonia adversely affect the hair scales: ends are split, the hair becomes much thinner and fade ...

By chance I found out about it Natural means for dyeing hair And tried it on her hair. I can say that such a coloring mixture not only does not damage the hair, but also heals them!

With the help of a miracle paint I created Ombre at home - It was surprisingly smooth color transition. If you like this magic technique, be sure to try this method!

Ombre at home photo

Ombre at home

You will need

  • chamomile tea
  • honey
  • lemon juice
  • Brush for dyeing hair

Make your hair lighter by a few tonesAvailable natural remedies. After watching this video, I mixed all the ingredients exactly according to the prescription. The result is a gradual transition from dark to light, while the clarified part of the hair looks well-groomed.

When I showed my girlfriend my new hairstyle, she did not believe that I could Make ombre At home and it turned out so expertly. Tell me about this method of dyeing hair to girlfriends, they will be delighted!