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How to make a pool

Some people pay thousands of dollars to have a private pool near the house. This pleasure is not cheap ...

Jose Franco from Brazil did not have that much money to build a pool, but he did not become discouraged. The man came up with the brave idea of ​​making Budgetary version of the pool In the garden, and he did it!

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How to make a pool

  1. An inventive Brazilian bought an ordinary plastic pool in a hardware store. He set up a tarpaulin in the backyard.
    How to make a pool in the country
  2. Then the craftsman started building a wooden structure around the pool. Nothing complicated - a frame of wooden boards can make any landlord!
    Swimming pool with your own hands at the cottage
  3. The final touch is the boardwalk covering the frame. A real beach near a small pool!
    Pool with own hands Photo
  4. Even wooden stairs there! It was very convenient to arrange this man with golden hands ...
    A budget pool with their own hands

I have already shown this project to my husband: I really want to have a similar place at the dacha. For construction Swimming pool with your own hands You need very little money, as it turned out. The main thing is the desire to become the happy owner of such a miracle.

Share this worthy idea, very soon summer!