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The Harm of Coca-Cola

For many years the market has firmly cemented its position with a drink called "Coca Cola". Children simply play a role from it, and adults go on about the small capricious people, buying soda.

In this article, we finally find out, Is it harmful to drink cola Children and what the consequences will be if you drink constantly. Will help us to understand this pediatrician with experience Evgeny olegovich komarovsky.

The child drinks coca cola

Damage to Coca-Cola

Look Komarovsky on the problem: "Well, I do not see anything bad in the cola, except for one - a huge amount of sugar. The child receives concentrated energy in the form of digestible carbohydrates, and this energy must be wasted.

It is clear that the safe use of cola(As well as any other sweet drink) requires two preconditions: first, the lack of excess weight and, secondly, the availability of opportunities for physical activity.

During illness, if availableDehydration, with the development of the acetone state, in the absence of opportunities for adequate nutrition - the child will not be hampered by concentrated energy in the form of digestible carbohydrates.

Of course, the means for oral rehydration is more effective and safer. But if this useful powder the child refuses to drink, but the cola agrees! Why not ...

And it turns out that for a child withAn increased level of acetone in time a drunk glass of cola may well be a medicine that will avoid hospital and droppers. Just have to strain, read about this very acetone and figure out what's what.

In general, do not bend the stick. Create the conditions for children to go in for sports, and let them drink a cola. And parents need it to limit the child's "I want" adult common sense. "

Sugar content in coca cola

All mothers and fathers should pay careful attention toThe ration of their children. One small bottle of cola once a month will not do much harm to the child. But do not get involved in its daily use, since in 1 liter of "Coca Cola" - 108 grams of sugar!

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