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Makeup Technique

After carefully watching this video, I was convinced that I know the main Make-up rules!! The girl has very clearly shown, that it is necessary to do, to look irresistibly every day. The main thing is not to allow typical mistakes, such as ignoring the use of the makeup base and concealer ...

I think this is a brilliant idea: to make one half of the face look right, and the other - horrible. This girl has perfectly demonstrated to everyone, what lead to common mistakes in make-up!

Makeup video technique

Make-up technique

Pay attention to what toolsUses a beauty blogger. It is very important to apply a foundation cream with a brush to make it perfect! The use of a concealer for several tones lighter helps to form a correct face oval and remove circles under the eyes.

It is useful to watch a video for those who have a greasy shine of the skin during the day: one tricky trick will fix everything ...

This girl definitely has a lot to learn! How much better a part of the face with properly applied makeup looks ...

Professional Make-up technique - that comes with new knowledge and experience. Show this video to friends - will be something to discuss!