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The most effective exercises for the buttocks

Until the summer is very little time, and your buttocks are still not in shape? Do not be in a hurry to get upset! After our Home workout You can wear the shortest shorts and even a miniskirt!

Today we will share with you useful exercises that Will tidy your buttocks. The result will be visible after 2 weeks!

The most effective exercises for the buttocks

  1. Leg extension
    Perform the exercise on all fours. Bend one leg, pull the knee as far as possible to the chest. Then straighten your leg and hold it in this position for a few seconds. At the same time, make sure that your back is straight. Repeat the exercise for each leg 10 times.
  2. Exercises for stretching the legs

  3. Sidetrack
    In the same position, begin to perform this exercise. Bend the leg in the knee and take it to the side, observing the angle of 90 degrees. Do 10 repetitions for each leg.
  4. Sideways

  5. Pulling the leg to the side and pulling it backwards
    This exercise is the union of the two previous ones. First, take your foot to the side, then pull it back and hold it for a few seconds in this position. Perform 10 times for each leg.
  6. Lifting of the knee bent at the knee
    Start this exercise by standing on theOn all fours. Bend the leg at a 90-degree angle and lift it to the thigh level. It is best to deal with a large mirror, so you will control the correctness of the exercise. Do 15 reps for each leg.
  7. Retracting the leg with an emphasis on the hands

  8. Bridge for buttocks
    Lie on your back, put your hands along your body, start to slowly raise your buttocks. Make sure that the chest is still on the floor. Do this exercise at least 15 times.
  9. Lifting the legs bent at the knees

For quick results it is best to conductSuch training every other day. But you can choose for yourself a convenient schedule of exercises. If you consider this article useful, share it with your friends, let them also learn how to prepare your body for the summer!