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How to treat rheumatoid arthritis

Causes of the development of this disease, unfortunately, up toNow science is not known. Some experts believe that the whole fault is bad ecology and heredity. Others believe that the culprit of the ailment is the management of an unhealthy lifestyle: smoking and alcohol abuse.

Before this disease people suffered most of allThe older generation. For today it occurs in people of almost all age groups. In the human body there is a failure, because of which the immune system manifests aggression in relation to the tissues of the joints. Thus the rheumatoid arthritis.

Folk remedies are not a panacea, but they can greatly improve your state of health and alleviate pain. "so simple!" Cares about you, so shares the recipe for a wonderful Compress of potatoes From rheumatoid arthritis.

Grate potatoes on a large grater

How to treat rheumatoid arthritis


  • 1 medium potato
  • water


  1. Potatoes on a large grater.
  2. Place the potato slurry in a strainer and let it sit for a few seconds in hot water.
  3. Not squeezing, put potatoes in a bag of cotton cloth.

Apply such a compress at night to the affected joints, wrapping the legs with a film so that Potato juice Through it did not seep. Wrap your feet also with a towel. The course of such procedures is one week, if you feel relief after 2-3 procedures, you can finish them earlier.

Packs of potatoes Are also used in the treatment of diseases such asMastitis, tonsillitis, dry eczema and swelling. In folk medicine all parts of potatoes are used, but most of all are demanded by tubers. Potatoes contain a variety of acids and trace elements, as well as vitamin c.

Get busy restoring your health by making a similar compress, and share a healing recipe with your friends!