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How beautiful to take pictures

Your phone can perfectly take pictures and withoutThese wisdoms, but, agree: to make a unique shot you always want! Photographing close people, nature and things around, I want to receive from the process a real pleasure ...

These tricks with Iphone camera Useful for other smartphone users! Photos will be gorgeous.

How beautiful to take pictures

  1. Cut out a cardboard or plastic pattern with a figured hole: this will help to take a picture with the unusual lights of the night city!
  2. How beautiful to photograph people

  3. In panoramic mode, you can take a photo,Which will be attended by one model in different angles! Quickly move around the photographer, dying in certain poses - and the picture is ready, and you will get into the frame several times.
  4. How beautiful to photograph people

  5. Lens from an old laser pointer, Attached in this way to the camera, will help make wonderful macro images.
  6. How beautiful to take pictures

  7. If you take pictures, attaching a piece of kapron tights to the camera, you will get a very interesting effect ...
  8. How beautiful to photograph people

  9. Drip water on the camera, and you can make charming macrophotographs! Water should be quite a bit: then the lens will not suffer.
  10. How nice to take photos on a smartphone

    How nice to take photos on a smartphone

  11. A great filter, through which you can shoot on a very sunny day: the lens of sunglasses.
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  13. The base from the old desk lamp can be adjusted like a tripod for the iphone.
  14. How beautiful to take pictures on a smartphone

  15. A lens from old glasses with a magnifying effect and a piece of cloth - that's what you need to create a photo in the style of "fisheye".
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  17. From a multi-colored plastic film you can make a set of color filters for the lens! Convenient to carry in your pocket.
  18. Tricks with camera iphone

  19. Auto hdr - this function will help to make very clear and high-quality pictures. Do not forget to turn it on!
  20. Tricks with camera iphone

Perhaps you already use similar tricks for original photos. But if this information was a pleasant discovery for you, be sure to share it with your friends!