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How to get rid of stretch marks

Subject to regular moisturizing, our skinIs able to maintain its elasticity and youth for a long time. But it happens that the loads are too strong - pregnancy, severe weight gain or weight loss. then The skin is stretched And in the reverse state is not returned.

In places where the skin is most stretched, small ruptures are formed, which then heal, turning into small scars of white or pink. So arise Stretch marks (Striae).

Stretch marks on the abdomen

Treatment of stretch marks at home - a matter that requires patience, time and an integrated approach. "so simple!" Proposes to try an effective tool that many have already used and were satisfied with the result.

How to get rid of stretch marks

It will be about Balsam "star", Such familiar to us from childhood remedy for colds, flu and headaches.

Menthol oil, formic acid, essentialEucalyptus, cloves, mint, cinnamon, rosehip extract, petroleum jelly, camphor oil and other auxiliary substances form a complex homogeneous balsam composition.

Balsam "star" application

Thanks to the oil base, the balm is easily spread over the surface. The ingredients of the product, acting in a complex, warm up, tone, Stimulate blood circulation In damaged areas of the skin. "Hot" effect is achieved due to formic acid and camphor oil, which serve as conductors of all useful components.

Before using the "star" make in a few minutes scraping with ground coffee or soda, and then a thin layer of the skin apply balm.

It is a mistake to think that a thicker layer of The disappearance of stretch marks: This is only fraught with a skin burn. Remember also that the "star" can not be applied to open wounds and ulcers, cracks and eczematous rashes.

The best effect in the treatment of stretch marks can be achieved if you get down to business in the early stages, when the skin is more susceptible to cosmetic products. Beauty to you and health!

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