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Changing the cabinet

A young married couple bought this cupboard forFlea market. Old, shabby, with an unpleasant smell inside, it was absolutely useless to anyone ... it turned out that a penny purchase is an excellent material for creativity!

Remake of the cabinet master class

The unattractive wardrobe excited the imagination of the young people, and that's what happened! When the door of the locker opened, I held my breath ...

Reworking of the cabinet

  1. Guys painted the wardrobe and did Decorative doors With windows. Some people amaze me with their ingenuity, I never cease to admire it!
    Reworking the cabinet photo
  2. That's what a closed converted cupboard looks like. Like an alien from the xix century! Small windows and beckon into a miniature fairy-tale world ...
    How to remake an old wardrobe
  3. The secret world of the old closet came to life: here even the lighting is provided!
    How to remake an old cupboard with your own hands
  4. To consider this miracle is endless ... a lot of small details, graceful figures, unusual objects!
    Old wardrobe remake
  5. The toy cook is cooking food in the kitchen! Any child will be delighted with such an entertaining thing. How many games can you come up with!
    Old wardrobe decorate
  6. Christmas corner attracts the eye ... everything is thought through to the smallest detail!
    Old cupboard new life
  7. Young people decided Remodel a cupboard Not just this: thus they returned to childhood! A few years later, their baby will grow up and will admire the imagination of the parents.

    Each of us sometimes wants to feel like a child, revel in childhood memories and dream. The creation of a magical world in a standard cupboard is the best psychotherapy!

    Old wardrobe in the new interior

Now I know what to do with the oldNightstand! How I was inspired by this idea ... do not wait for a gift from above - you need to create a miracle with your own hands! If it's close to you, show your friends our article.