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Means for pain in joints

Many people, especially those aged, face a problem Patients with joints. Pain, crunch in the knees, heaviness in the joints, aches in the spine - and this is not all the symptoms that people who suffer from such diseases face.

"so simple!" Cares about you, so he shares the recipe for a wonderful Fritters for joints. She perfectly removes painful sensations, and already after the third procedure you will feel much better!

Joint pain treatment

Remedy for joint pain


  • 300 g of alcohol
  • 10 ml camphor alcohol
  • 10 ml of iodine
  • 10 tablets of analgin


  1. Mix all ingredients, tablets pre-grind.
  2. Put the mixture in a dark cool place for 21 days.

To apply the rasher best for the night. Properly rub out the sore spot and bandage it. Wrap the woolen cloth over the bandage so that the sore spot is warm. Do this procedure for 10 consecutive days, then 5 days off and again 10 days rub, if you feel pain.

Folk medicine is rich Recipes for the treatment of joints, But before using them, it follows thatConsult a doctor. Many diseases, such as arthritis, osteochondrosis, sciatica, are associated with the deposition of salts. Therefore, together with the treatment with flour, you should additionally go to a two-week course of vegetarian food.

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