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How to clean the lungs

Smokers deliberately kill their body, andTheir lungs get the most. With each inhalation of cigarette smoke, tiny hairs (cilia), with which the lungs are covered, receive microscopic burns, atrophy and die off. As a result of the accumulation of tar and mucus there is a chronic Choking cough.

Smoker's lungs

Cilia have the property of recovering, the bestA way to contribute to this is to quit smoking. There is good news for those who are not yet able to part with a cigarette. Scientists have identified effective 4 products, clearing the lungs of nicotine gums.

How to clean lungs

From harmful external influences the lungs do notOnly smokers. Citizens of cities are daily exposed to a blow of gassed and dusty air. So they also need to pay attention to these products.

Smoker's lungs

  1. Grapfruit
    This citrus is rich in antioxidants, whichEffectively improve the function of cells. Also substances contained in grapefruit, are able to withstand malignancy (deviation from the norm in the development of cells). So smokers who are particularly at risk of cancer, should be subordinated to these bitter-acidic fruits.
  2. garlic
    Garlic is a powerful weapon against hundreds of diseases. It so beneficially affects the body and has so many health properties that it must be introduced into the diet to everyone without exception. For treatment and prevention.
  3. ginger
    Ginger has antibacterial and antiviral properties, dilates blood vessels, promotes sputum excretion and regeneration of bronchial canals.
  4. carrot
    Carrots are rich in vitamins a, c, e, k, vitaminsGroup in. Vitamin a particularly beneficial effect on the state of tissues and cells of the epithelium. To neutralize the effect of nicotine, which removes vitamins from the body, eat carrots in raw form, make salads ... carrot juice is a whole storehouse of health.

If you finally took all your will into a fist and threwSmoke, conduct procedures for cleaning the lungs. This will help them to recover faster for normal functioning. Already in a short time you will feel the difference: the brain will work better, the smells will become clearer, the taste buds will feel every note of your favorite treat ...

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