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Where to store things

Morning many people begin with a search for socks,Phone, purse, lost somewhere keys and pins. If there is such a mess in your house, our editorial staff is ready to help solve this problem. Today we will show you, How to organize your home space, So that all the necessary things are at hand!

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Where to store things

  1. Your hair clips, earrings, beads, bracelets lie inCaskets and endlessly confused? It's time to find another place to store them. A beautiful frame will become a magnificent part of the interior and help organize all the decorations.
    Jewelery frame
  2. Many girls are excellent needlewomen andSkilled workers. Specially for them we represent a box for storage of tapes, braids or decorative tape. Now you do not need to spend a lot of time to find the right skein.
    Ribbon box
  3. Everyone has a lot of headgear thatCrowded on the shelves in the closet and strongly crumpled. It's time to stop this disgrace! Such a simple construction can be built by everyone, and caps, hats and panamki will be in perfect condition.
    Wall hanger
  4. Many girls complain about the limitationsSpace in the closet. Offer your attention a simple trick: put a hook on the hook of the usual hair elastic and put a hook into it from the other hanger. Voila, now the space in the closet has doubled!
    Space saving in the cabinet
  5. Constantly losing tools? Can not find the right screwdriver right away? Then our advice for you: make a small organizer of old jeans and forget about the long search for the right thing!
    Old jeans organizer
  6. Tired of looking for pencils and markers? Make a beautiful stand out of unnecessary jeans!
    Organizer for pencils own hands
  7. All faced the problem of charging the phone. There seems to be a charger, and the phone, and the socket was found, and the device can not be charged. Whether the wire is short, or the table is far from the outlet. In that case, there is a great idea: to make a small pocket for the phone.
    Pocket for charging a mobile phone
  8. An excellent assistant for lovers of embroidery will be an unusual organizer for thread, made from hoop.
    Line organizer
  9. Beer lovers will like this lifhak to save space in the refrigerator. For this, you just need to get such a stationery as a binder!
    Keep beer in the refrigerator
  10. Every representative of the weaker sex hasWhole box of spices. Sometimes, grabbing one package, you manage to accidentally scatter another. Order the spices will help the usual boxes from the dragee "tick-tak".
    How to put spices in the kitchen
  11. Hanging grids will be a good place for storing children's toys. Small cunning people like colorful bags for their favorite treasures.
    Pendant nets for toys
  12. Going to work or study, can not quickly find your favorite hair clips? This will help you a small magnet. Just attach it to the bathroom and easily find your decorations!
    Magnets for ornaments

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