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How to tie a crochet

I regret very much that I did not learn to knitCrochet ... but my grandmother knows how to do it! When I offered her a magical idea - to tie a rug that would glow in the dark, she immediately set to work. In 2 days the rug was ready, and my admiration reached the highest mark.

such Round mat Decorate the hallway, living room or bedroom, it will be cozy to shine, creating a festive mood. LED cord consumes a minimum of electricity and is completely safe, the carpet will successfully replace the night lamp!

How to tie a rug

You will need

  • Led cord (6 m)
  • Large hook for knitting
  • Coil of ribbon textile yarn


  1. Start knitting with 8 bars without a crochet and put them in a ring. The next row is tied in 2 stitches without a crochet in each loop of the previous row. Now add to the design of the cord.
    How to tie a crochet out of a thread
  2. The mat can be made of any size, it all depends on the length of the LED cord!
    How to tie a rug for beginners
  3. The first several rows of knitting in the above scheme.
    How to tie a rug with your own hands
  4. Try to knit as much as possible freely, then you do not have to add many loops. If you need to add loops, tie one between the pillars of the previous row.
    Round rug crochet master class
  5. When the cord with illumination is finished, bind a pair of columns without a crochet without a cord.
    Round crochet hook for beginners
  6. Grandmother said that the process of knitting was easy for her: I wanted to see the result as soon as possible!
    Tie a round crochet hook
  7. Then tie two half-columns (1 per column) to create a beautiful and accurate fillet.
    Round mat crochet description
  8. Carpet, Will be an excellent gift. He just can not not like it!
    Rug crochet photo
  9. Fix the end of knitting. For this purpose a large needle or hook is suitable.
    Rug crochet photo
  10. surprise! How great it is from inside ...
    Rug crochet photo
  11. Soft LED light fascinates. This mat liked my son so much!
    Rug crochet photo
  12. You can use a colored LED cord, then the product will be even more spectacular.
    Rug crochet photo
  13. Even the dog could not resist the magic of the shining carpet ...
    Rug crochet photo

I find this idea beautiful! I hope you got my inspiration. If you can not learn how to crochet like me, you can suggest this idea to an experienced needlewoman ... share the beauty with your friends by showing them this article!