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How to sow parsley

parsley - an indispensable ingredient in many traditional dishes, it adorns them to enrich the taste and aroma. This plant was known to the ancient Egyptians, who highly appreciated the healing properties of parsley.

Fresh parsley

"Growing on a stone" - so literally translated fromLatin name of parsley. And indeed, this plant is characterized by its undemanding to the soil and unpretentiousness: it grows and pleases with fresh herbs until late autumn.

It grows, but those who have at least once sprouted parsley from seeds, mark a long period of its germination. The whole point is that Parsley seeds, As well as other plants of the umbellate family (dill, carrots, celery), have a dense shell and contain a large number of essential oils that slow the absorption of moisture.

How to plant parsley

"so simple!" Tell you the secret with which The first shoots of parsley will appear after 3 hours!!

To grow parsley from seeds

  1. Preheat a small amount of fresh milk to about 37 ° c. Soak the parsley seeds in it for 12 hours.
  2. Intended for sowing the soil Quicklime lacquered lime, Dig it up. Repeat the procedure, then sweep the ground with a hand cultivator.
  3. Seeds are laid out on the parchment, a little drier, and then sow into the prepared grooves. Fields with water, trying not to flood, and wait for the shoots!

To test the effectiveness of this method, you can first plant a small batch of seeds on the windowsill.

By the way, lime, only slaked (puff), it is useful to make in the early spring in the soil in the area where the tomato planting is planned: this will prevent their infection Late blight. Good luck to you in the garden business and do not forget to share this article with your friends!