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How to write SMS messages

One little trick has changed a lot in my life ... Text messages - something that can not be dispensed with in our time.

Every day I send a lot of messages to myEmployees, relatives, friends. Of course, I follow the literacy and richness of my messages. But, it turns out, there is a nuance that I ignored because I missed it! And very vain.

How to write sms to girl

How to write sms

Recently, scientists from the University of BinghamtonConducted an interesting study. 126 students were asked to read a number of text messages and notes written by hand, and then give an estimate of the degree of sincerity read on a scale of 1 to 7.

The results were completely unexpected! If a person did not put a dot at the end of a handwritten message, it was regarded as an error. But if the interlocutor Sent sms And there was no point in the text of the message, most of the participants in the experiment considered this a sign of confidence!

A text message without complex punctuation marks looks more spontaneous. When we correspond with someone, then Simulate spoken language: Expressive cues, emotional smiles, many short messages.

If the interlocutor puts dots at the end of the phrases andResponds with a delay, choosing words for a long time, another participant of the conversation has a feeling that they are playing a cunning game! Sometimes the point at the end of SMS messages is regarded as a sign expressing aggression, skepticism, irritation.

Words matter. But you can not forget about punctuation! We live in an exciting time of change, the principle of communication between people and the language itself is changing. It is very important to take this into account when communicating with friends.

Between the answer with a dot at the end and an exclamation mark I always choose one in which there is an exclamation mark: this causes a more positive reaction in the interlocutor.

Check this information on your own experience and tell us about the results! Words are strong, remember this ...