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How to take care of shoes

During the whole day our feet are in captivity near the shoes, often not very comfortable! To ease the fate of your legs, we prepared a couple Tips for the care of shoes And several practical recommendations on how to properly wear it.

How to take care of shoes

  1. Toothpaste
    Toothpaste will whiten the sole and white shoes! Put a little paste on the problem areas, leave it for a while, rub the old toothbrush. brilliantly! In especially severe cases, you can also use a soap solution.
    How to care for white shoes
  2. alcohol
    There are different Means for the care of shoes, But with the effectiveness of alcohol there is little to compare! If there is a stain on the shoes, apply a little alcohol on it and leave it for 30 minutes. The dirt will evaporate!
    How to care for shoes from the skin
  3. soda
    Soda, poured into sneakers or other shoes, miraculously removes unpleasant odor and excess moisture, disinfects. Mound soda into your shoes for the night, and the next morning the shoes will become noticeably fresher.
    How to care for shoes in spring
  4. nail file
    Scratches and scuffs on suede shoes can be removed using a nail file or sandpaper.
    How to look after suede shoes
  5. vinegar
    Soak unpleasantly smelling sneakers or sneakers inA solution of vinegar and water. You can press your shoes with something heavy, so that it sinks into the solution completely. Vinegar will remove stale smell and dirt, returning the shoes a respectable look.
    How to take care of shoes inside
  6. petrolatum
    Lacquered footwear will regain its gloss if you lubricate it with petroleum jelly. Vaseline also helps to mask the scratches.
    How to care for lacquer shoes
  7. corn starch
    Such a Shoe care technology - My lovely. A small amount of white powder will solve all the problems!

    Cornstarch will help get rid of fatty spots on suede and other materials. Rub a little powder in the stain - starch will absorb the fat and the stain will disappear.

    How to get a stain out of shoes

  8. Hair dryer
    Stretch uncomfortable shoes will help thick socks and hair dryer! Put on a pair of socks and an unsuccessful pair of shoes, then warm it with a warm air stream from the dryer. The shoes will stretch!
    How to stretch shoes for size
  9. ice
    There is another method that helps to stretchShoes. Fill the plastic bags with a buckle of water, put them in the shoes, and put the shoes in the freezer for 20 minutes. The volume of bags with liquid will increase, and the shoes will become larger in size in a natural way!
    How to stretch shoes for size
  10. sandpaper
    If you rub the shoe sole with sandpaper, the texture of the sole will change and its adhesion to different surfaces will improve. This technique is good for shoes with rubber soles, and for shoes with a stud.
    How to clean the sole
  11. wax
    Shoes covered with wax do not get wet! The surface of the shoes with wax, then briefly direct a hot jet of air from the dryer to it. No wet environment will not be terrible for you!
  12. deodorant
    If you regularly rub your feet, smear problem areas on the inside of the shoes with deodorant. You will immediately feel relieved!
    How to make shoes waterproof
  13. patch
    Wrapping the 2 nd and 3 rd finger on both legs with plaster,You will feel more comfortable on your heels. Legs will be less tired due to properly distributed load. It is useful to make a foot bath with green tea after a day on the heels: relaxes the feet and tones the skin, removes the swelling of the veins!
    How to wear shoes with heels

I wish you to have not only beautiful but also comfortable shoes! Much depends on what pair of shoes you choose today ... show your friends these tips, chances are that they will be useful to them!