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Garden furniture with own hands

Home improvement is an expensive procedure. Especially if you want not standard, but individual furniture, which is ideal for your interior. But to arrange a summer residence or a garden it is not necessary to buy a headset, it is sufficient to be able to handle a hammer and a drill well.

Today our editorial will tell you how to add your zest to your garden by making furniture yourself!

Garden furniture with own hands

  1. A chair from a plastic box
    To create such a chair with a backrest, you just need to saw off one side of the box.
  2. Armchair from drawers

  3. Ottoman
    This piece of furniture is ideal for cozy gatherings in the garden. To make an ottoman, you will need a circle of plywood, a little twine and glue.

  4. Another version of the busbar from the bus
    Insert a pillow into the tire, and you will have an excellent soft pouf.
  5. Otter from an old tire

  6. Table of pallets
    A wonderful idea for country cottages will be a table made by yourself. If you have old pallets in the garage, be sure to use this lifhak.
  7. Table from pallets for summer residence

  8. Stools from pallets
    In addition to the table of pallets will be made of the same stools. The height of these pieces of furniture can be adjusted by yourself.
  9. Pallet chairs with their own hands

  10. Pallet shop
    To you often falls down a huge company of friends? Plant them in such a cozy corner!
  11. Pallet shop with own hands

  12. Box of pallets
    Such a box is ideal for those who have a mess in the garage. Here you can add all the small tools that are lying around anywhere.
  13. Box of pallets

  14. Shoe box
    Fold old shoes into plastic boxes. Let there be always order in your dwelling!
  15. Plastic shoe box

  16. bookshelves
    Lay out the books on the shelves of plastic boxes. But before doing so, fasten the walls of the drawers with a rope, wire or bolts.
  17. Book shelf

  18. Hammock
    An excellent idea for the garden will be a hanging chair. You will need a cut of dense fabric and an iron gymnastic hoop.
  19. Hammock

If you liked these ideas - tell your friends about them. And what other things do you do with your own hands to diversify the dacha interior?