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Dome house with own hands

Eskimo needles, Chukchi yarangas, Kazakh yurts, Indian wigwams, modern binshells - this is an incomplete list of dwellings that scientists have recognized as the most cozy and eco-friendly.

Recently, more and more popular Round houses. Build them more often from inexpensive materials that do not harm the environment. One of such houses was built by a talented musician and photographer - Arkin Arin.

Domed house with their own hands

  1. The construction of the house began with the layout of the site.
    House marking on the plot
  2. With the help of a special compass the round shape of the walls of the house was maintained to create a dome.
    Compasses for marking
  3. For the construction, local inexpensive materials were used.
    Domed house photo
  4. The foundation of the house was ready in 6 weeks.
    Dome house cheap
  5. A few more weeks it took to add a ladder, pond, masonry and furniture.
    Domed house design
  6. Now Steve travels a lot, and his house is often empty. He gives his home to travelers for a modest fee, so that during his absence someone cares for the plants and maintains cleanliness.
    Domed house project

    Dome house interior design

Dome houses - it's really cheap, fast and convenient. Architects all over the world believe that these houses are the future. Because they are the most durable and energy-saving.

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