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How to increase breast at home

Breast size is a sick subject for many girls and women. Unfortunately, the current state of the environment and the modern lifestyle associated with stress, have a negative impact on women's health ...

To bring female hormones in order, you need to use medicinal herbs! Traditional medicine believes in Phytoestrogens: Special substances present in some foods and plants. Using them, you can increase the size of the mammary glands, improve the appearance of the breast and normalize the monthly cycle!

Natural remedies have no side effects, are absolutely safe and are shown to women at any age. It's definitely better than breast augmentation ...

Female breast

How to increase breast at home

Plants for breast augmentation

  1. dandelion
    Phytoestrogens present in dandelions contribute to healthy tissue growth. This plant can be used as a food additive, eat both fresh and dried.
  2. Milk thistle
    Milk thistle, or milk thistle, is a plant that reduces stagnant fluid in various tissues of the body, improves blood flow, promotes a regular monthly cycle, and helps Enlarge breasts In a natural way.
    Milk thistle
  3. Dong kwai
    This herb, which is also called "femaleGinseng ", solves any problems with the reproductive system, helps to bring hormones into order. Due to the use of the root of this plant, the quantity Progesterone In the female body, and this is important for the health of breast cells.
    Dong qu
  4. fennel
    Tea with fennel is a wonderfulHelp increase breasts! Very good is also a cream or lotion with fennel, which can be rubbed into the chest. This plant is rich in phytoestrogens and other phytonutrients, positively affecting women's health, thanks to them there is a natural Bust enlargement.
  5. Red clover
    Red clover contains substance Genistein, In its action resembling a female hormone estrogen. It is recommended to use it for women with painful menstruation and who want to increase their breasts.
    Red clover
  6. Fenugreek
    Fenugreek, or fenugreek, - not only medicinal herbs, but also aromatic spices! Stimulates the production of estrogen and prolactin, thanks to eating helps Enlarge the mammary glands, Recommended breastfeeding mothers.

These medicinal plants are extremelyEffective, they can be eaten - there are many food additives with extracts from these herbs. Emulsions, creams, lotions and lotions are also welcome: breast increases without surgery!

Women's health is a very delicate thing. Before taking any chemical medicines, it is worth turning to proven folk medicine that will not damage your health!