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Eyelid Lift

Eye area Is susceptible to aging in the first place. It is in this area that wrinkles appear most quickly, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes thinner and sagging.

Lowered eyelids give the person a sad and tired look, make a woman older ... but do not despair before the time: "so simple!" Prepared an effective Rejuvenating program for the skin around the eyes.

Home skin tighten

Eyelid lifting

  1. Gymnastics for the eyes
    Raise your eyebrows and lightly press your fingers under the eyebrows to fix the skin. Smoothly close your eyes and keep closed for 6 seconds. Open your eyes, repeat 10 times. Do this exercise daily!
  2. Cleansing the skin of the eyelids
    Cleansing is the most important daily procedure, the improper performance of which can accelerate the aging process. Use a special Make-up cosmetics, But not soap! Moisten with a cotton pad and blotting movements, without stretching the skin, remove makeup. Remainder of carcasses with a clean disc.

    To remove even the most persistent cosmetics from the eyes, coconut oil perfectly suits: it not only cleanses, but also perfectly nourishes the delicate skin.

  3. Moisturizing the skin
    To keep the skin elastic, it should beSufficiently moistened. All kinds of creams and serums, of course, give a positive result. But do not forget about the drinking regime: 1,5-2 liters of water per day. The bulk of the liquid is best drunk 4-5 hours before bedtime to avoid swelling.
  4. Toning of the skin
    Mix in equal proportions dried birch leaves,Flowers of sage and cornflower. Pour 100 ml of boiling water 1 tsp. This mixture and hold it in a water bath for 5-10 minutes. Infusion cool, pour into ice molds and freeze. Rubbing the eyelids with such ice should be your daily routine.

An obligatory condition for the preservation of youth for many years is protection from the sun, because the sun's rays strongly dehydrate the skin. In addition, excessive enthusiasm for sunburn is fraught with The appearance of pigmented spots. So the beauty rule number 1 for the summer is a special sunscreen.

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