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Useful tips for every day

Who, as non-medical workers, knows how toTo cope with daily difficulties, without resorting to the use of expensive pharmacy products. Today we will tell you what the doctors are silent about ... take these ideas into service, and let small life problems not frighten you!

Useful tips for every day

  1. Stains on clothes
    Hydrogen peroxide easily copes with stains fromDirt, wine or berries. It is best to remove the stain immediately, as soon as it appeared, moistening the dirty place with a small amount of peroxide. Clothes with an old stain should be previously soaked for 20 minutes in soapy water.
    Armchair from drawers
  2. Pimples
    Few people know that toothpaste can be used as a remedy for acne. Apply a little paste on the inflamed skin, it will remove redness and accelerate healing.
  3. If you need to calm down
    Scientists have proved that the folding of things hasTherapeutic effect: it calms and brings thoughts into order. If you are upset or worried about something, try to lay down a stack of towels, and it will become easier for you.
  4. Otter from an old tire

  5. To stop bleeding
    You can use ordinary hygiene tampons, of course, if they are at your fingertips.
  6. Table from pallets for summer residence

  7. Clean the paint off hands
    This will help shaving foam - put a little money on a dirty place, rub it and easily wash off the paint.
  8. Pallet chairs with their own hands

  9. If the hair is entangled
    To solve this problem you can use medical alcohol. Apply a few drops on the nodule and lightly rub it. In a minute you can easily comb your hair.
  10. Pallet shop with own hands

  11. Lemon instead of salt
    Due to its acidity, lemon is a wonderful alternative to regular salt. If you decide to stop using it, add a lemon to your diet!
  12. Box of pallets

  13. If the head hurts
    The most common headaches are due toDehydration of the body. Do not rush to take pills at once, maybe your body just needs an additional portion of water. Most adults need 2 to 5 liters of fluid per day.
  14. Plastic shoe box

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