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Mold remover

Every self-respecting hostess carefully monitorsCleanliness in the bathroom. Clean and disinfect the sink, toilet bowl, interlining seams - all this is included in the regular cleaning. But that's what we often forget, so it's about Shower curtain.

Blind in the bathroom

It is this object, due to infrequent sanitation, becomes a hotbed Reproduction of fungus. The greenhouse effect in the bathroom, the particles of dirt and skin that hit the blind during washing, are an excellent medium for the development of mold.

Mold remover

So that Get rid of mold, Settled on the curtain in the bathroom, and prevent its further appearance, "so simple!" Recommends proceeding as follows.

  1. Using a brush and soda, pre-clean the curtain.
  2. Type in a large basin of 5 liters of water, pour in there 100 ml of table vinegar and add 1 tbsp. L. Usual washing powder. Soak the curtain in this composition for 1.5-2 hours.
  3. Carefully rinse the curtain under a stream of running water, further cleansing of the remains of the fungus.
  4. Drying the curtains in a straightened form.

So as not to give the fungus the slightest chance, eachOnce the shower has been ventilated, let the air flow freely circulate. Straighten all the folds on the curtain so that they do not remain wet, but rather wipe dry with a towel.

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