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Shelf life of cosmetics

Shelf life of cosmetics - artful thing! I would never have thought that in my cosmetic bag there are products that, unfortunately, can not be used ... some cosmetic products deteriorate faster than they manage to end.

It is important that the cream or powder is not only quality, but also fresh. Check your cosmetic bag: on the expiration date of the means that you use, skin health and makeup quality depend!

Shelf life of cosmetics

  1. lip gloss
    From 18 to 24 months - such a shelf lifefor lips. For this time he must have time to end. But check carefully all the inscriptions on the package: if the shine contains many natural ingredients, it spoils much faster ...
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  3. Gel eyeliner
    Only 3 months - so much you can useSimilar to the eyeliner. The main drawback is packaging, in such jars very quickly appear bacteria and begin to actively multiply there, causing various skin and eye infections.
  4. Eye shadow gel

  5. Concealer
    Approximate service life of concealer with applicator -6 months. If the concealer is in a tube, they can be used longer - up to 18 months. If the substance has changed consistency or smell, it should be discarded immediately!
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  7. Base for make-up on a water basis
    Cosmetics on a water basis - an excellent environment for the development of microorganisms! Only one year you can use this tool. It's time to throw out your ...
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  9. Bronzer
    2 years - the expiration date of the bronzer. Follow not only the freshness of cosmetics, but also for the purity of brushes: dirty brushes, which are rarely washed, are the main cause of various dermatological problems!
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  11. Sponge for washing or sponge
    Replace the sponge for washing and sponge regularly! Do not forget to wash them and completely dry them. The service life of the ordinary sponge is 1 month, the life of special sponges and sponges designed for long-term use, carefully read on the package.
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  13. powder
    The use of powder is 18 months. not more! To use a powder with the expired date of validity means to hammer in pores and to accelerate skin aging. It sounds scary ...
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  15. pomade
    That's what I have in my cosmetic bag full, so it's old, really old lipstick ... but this favorite female cosmetic product can only be used for 1 year!
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  17. mascara
    Only 3 months - it is better not to take risks and buyNew mascara regularly. The risk of eye infection increases every day after the expiry date of this beauty product! On the brush from the carcass is very fond of living a demodex mite: it's worth remembering to everyone who has skin problems.
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  19. Cream shadows
    From 12 to 18 months: so many can serve you cream eyeshadow. The skin of the eyelids is very tender, it should be responsive to the choice of the means that you apply in this area.
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  21. lip pencil
    A year after manufacturing, the lip liner becomes overdue.
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  23. Rouge
    Blush can be used for about 2 years! If they are spoiled, it's easy to notice: makeup falls down at times worse ... it's time Check the expiration date of cosmetics!!
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A great idea is to mark the time in the calendarBuying cosmetic products and the very day when it's time to throw them away! This small step will help your skin to stay healthy and young. Share with her friends this truly useful information!