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How to draw a box with your own hands

Who would have thought that Wooden pallets Are such a valuable material! From these boxes you can make a lot of useful things that will be useful to us in everyday life. Our editorial staff will tell you how to make Strawberries box. To implement this idea, you only need one pallet.

Before recasting the old pallet, inspectIts marking. It turns out that some wooden pallets can not be used for horticultural purposes. If the stamp has the letters mb - this means that the pallet was treated with insecticides. The letters ht mean heat treatment, such pallets can be safely used for growing plants.

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How to draw a box with your own hands

  1. Drank the tray into three parts and removed the extra boards.
    How to saw a pallet
  2. Assemble three parts, attaching them with screws.
    Box of pallets
  3. For the legs use wooden blocks that are left after sawing the pallet.
    Alterations from pallets
  4. Secure them with screws.
    How to draw a wooden box
  5. That's what happens as a result!
    How to assemble a wooden box

You can leave the box in its original form, and you can cover it with varnish. It all depends on your preferences! I dream to place a similar box in the country, painting it in a bright color.

Detailed master-class on creating A drawer from a pallet Look in this video.

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