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Chemical skin burn

In everyday life, from time to time, hot objects come into our hands: a hot pan, a kettle of boiling water or simply turned on an iron. Therefore, unfortunately, Household burns - Not unusual.

But we do not even guess that you can get a strong burn without contact with hot objects. Today's history is a vivid confirmation of this ...

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Chemical skin burn

A seven-year-old student of the stewart avenue public school could not put on trousers for as long as 11 days after he received a chemical skin burn in the school toilet.


At first glance, redness on both legs resembled a normal sunburn. Soon the skin was blistered, and the boy felt a burning sensation.

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After a while it turned out that the cause of the burns was a daily disinfectant hygienic. According to the instructions, it is this remedy that can cause irritation in contact with the skin.

Woman with child

After long treatment and visits to doctorsThe woman sued the school. She claims to pay her 250,000 dollars in compensation. It soon became clear that the boy was not the only victim of negligence: a few more students experienced similar problems with the skin!

pay attention!

Be extremely cautious, using publicToilets! Try not to touch the surfaces of the toilet bowl or use paper as a protective barrier between the skin and the seat. Teach the child the basic rules of hygiene, and then Chemical burns They will not be afraid of him.

Remember that you do not have to panic. This article is just a warning about how carefully one should treat personal hygiene. If you think this information is important, be sure to tell your friends about it!