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How to make eyelashes longer

Life of eyelashes is short: only 90 days. How to make it beautiful? Tricks from "so simple!" Turn your cilia into a pride. Beautiful sweep of thick eyelashes, which is worth 1,000 compliments ...

Beautiful eyelashes at home

How to make eyelashes longer

  1. To increase the volume, apply one layer of mascara and powder eyelashes with the help of Baby powders, And then apply the second layer of the carcass.
    To powder eyelashes
  2. If you want to increase the volume, hold the brush horizontally to lengthen the eyelashes - vertically.
    How to make up eyelashes
  3. To avoid clumping of eyelashes, be sure to comb them between applying layers of mascara.
    Comb your eyelashes
  4. Preheat the curling tongs with a hairdryer - this will enhance the effect of their use.
    Heat eyelash curler
  5. To strengthen and accelerate the growth of eyelashes, every evening, lubricate them with coconut oil.
    Coconut oil for eyelashes
  6. Dye eyelashes It will be more convenient if you bend it like this!
    How to dye eyelashes
  7. So that Resuscitate thickened mascara, Put it in a glass with warm water for a few minutes.
    How to revive mascara
  8. Using a conventional cotton swab, To tweeze eyelashes, Having held it in this way for a while.
    How to curl eyelashes
  9. So that the ink would hold well, but it was easy to remove it, use 2 of its kind. First, make up eyelashes with normal mascara, and then cover with a layer of waterproof.
    How to dye waterproof mascara
  10. Compresses made from green tea also contribute to Accelerated eyelash growth.
    Green tea for eyelashes
  11. Dilute mascara with a liquid to remove make-up: just a couple of drops.
    How to dilute mascara
  12. Use a spoon to avoid staining the eyelid with mascara.
    Spoon in make-up
  13. Speed ​​up the process: simultaneous curling and painting.
    How to curl eyelashes

Little care for eyelashes, lubricating them with oils,It is also necessary to eat a balanced diet, saturating the body with vitamins. All this contributes to the increased growth of eyelashes. It's worth trying, because beautiful eyelashes are a matter of pride!

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