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Easter Traditions

Comes such a long-awaited and loved by all Easter holiday, And with it is associated many traditions and rituals. Here you, for example, know what to do in the last days before Easter, so that the next year will be productive and successful? Redaction "so simple!" Will reveal all the secrets of preparing for A bright holiday!!

Why clink glasses for Easter

Easter traditions

Easter - the most important and solemn holiday forAll Christians. It is customary to celebrate on the first Sunday after the spring full moon. Easter is preceded by a rather long post and a lot of traditions are associated with this period.

Especially important is the Holy Week - the strictest week of fasting. Today we will tell you about the folk traditions that are accepted to be observed during this week.

  1. on Monday
    You need to restore order in the house, fix old things. Also on this day people watch the weather: if the sky is clear and the sun seems to be playing, then summer will be good, yielding.
  2. on Tuesday
    You can continue cleaning, and also prepare festive clothes for holy Sunday.
  3. on Wednesday
    It is common to clean the house. And continue it can be on a clean Thursday.
  4. On a clean Thursday
    Need to get up before dawn and takeBath, and it is better to shower so that water poured on your head. Thus the process of ablution takes place. On the same day it is necessary to bring from the church a passionate candle that helps in the treatment of various diseases.

    Also one of the traditions is cookingThursday salt: the usual salt is baked in the oven or in the oven, and then consecrated in the church. This salt will be an excellent amulet for the whole family. Housewives on this day are preparing pysanka, krashenki and dish of cottage cheese, called Easter.

  5. On Good Friday
    It is necessary to work very hard, prepare for the holiday and in no case can one sin. It is on Friday that women bake cakes. Before you start to prepare them, you must read the prayer.
  6. On a great Saturday
    People mourn, and merriment is also forbidden,The use of alcohol and the entry into an intimate relationship. On this day in the evening, Easter services begin in the churches. If for some reason you can not come to church to defend the all-night vigil, then still you should not go to bed.
  7. In the light of Easter
    There is such a belief that it is right to sacredEaster and cake on Sunday at dawn. After the all-night service all parishioners greet each other with the words: "Christos is risen! - Truly is risen! ».

    The morning meal begins with a cake,Then eat eggs, meat and other dishes. Children on this day like to "clink" eggs, hitting the blunt or sharp end of a boiled dyed egg about the opponent's egg. Lucky for someone who manages to keep his egg intact. This prophesies unquestionable luck and luck in the future.

Let the holiday bring happiness and joy in yourhouse! If you consider this article useful, tell us about the special traditions of the pre-Easter week to your friends. And we have for you a lot of recipes for a bright holiday!