/ How to get rid of pests

How to get rid of pests

Now in stores is sold a large numberFunds from a variety of harmful insects, but, unfortunately, they are all chemical. But there is an alternative to them - natural remedies that are harmless to the human body, especially important for children. After all, agree, the majority Insecticides Has a terrible chemical composition, and the smell is not pleasant.

Today our editorial board will share with you simple secrets Getting rid of insects. Natural remedies will not only save you from pests, but fill your home with freshness ...

How to get rid of house pests

  1. Peppermint oil
    Dilute a small amount of mint oil with water in1: 1 ratio. Pour the mixture into a bottle with a spray. This simple means will save you from the hated spiders lurking in the corners of your house. It is only necessary to sprinkle a natural remedy in their habitats.
    Essential oil of peppermint from insects
  2. White vinegar
    Vinegar will be a good substitute for peppermint oil. Pour a little vinegar into the bottle with a sprayer and do the same procedure.
    Vinegar against insects
  3. soda
    The scatter in the places of the accumulation of insects is ordinary baking soda. Soda absorbs moisture, which is given off by small pests. Which is why it is an excellent means of repelling insects.
    Soda against insects
  4. Lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus
    Lavender oil, essential oils of rosemary andEucalyptus is a powerful remedy for annoying bedbugs. Add a few drops of all three oils in 250 grams of water, then spray the mixture over the entire surface of the bed.
    Lavender against insects
  5. Mint leaves
    The smell of mint is not tolerated by ants, fleas, flies and mosquitoes, it also discourages mice. Spread out bunches of dry mint in the closets with food, this is sure to scare away the pests.
    Mint from insects
  6. Cayenne pepper
    A proven cure for ants is cayenne pepper. Scatter it in places of accumulation of insects, and the result will not keep you waiting!
    Cayenne pepper properties

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