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How to stop bleeding from the nose

Nasal bleeding is a ratherCommon. Blood from the nose can go to the child and the adult for a variety of reasons: as a result of trauma to the nose, allergies, prolonged colds or flu. All these factors are not a cause for concern.

How to stop the blood from the nose

Urgent call a doctor should be when bleedingFrom the nose is accompanied by at least one of the following symptoms: shortness of breath, arrhythmia, dizziness or loss of consciousness, headache. Also there is a serious reason to be examined if the blood from the nose goes too often and for no apparent reason.

How to stop bleeding from the nose

"so simple!" Gathered techniques that will help Correctly stop the blood from the nose as soon as possible.

  1. Simple trick: if the blood has gone from the right nostril, raise your right arm up above your head, and with your left hand, clamp the right nostril, and vice versa. The blood will stop flowing soon.
  2. Sit straight, tilt your head slightly forward, gently blow your nose. With your index finger and thumb, grasp the soft part of your nose right under the cartilage and squeeze it for 10 minutes. Breathe in your mouth.
  3. Fold a cotton handkerchief into a tight tube and place it under the upper lip along the gums. Hold it for 10 minutes.
  4. Place the coin on the hollow above the upper lip, try to press it against the nasal septum and hold it so.
  5. Attaching a piece of ice to the nostril, from which the blood comes, you will help narrow the blood vessels and speed up the stopping of bleeding.
  6. Quickly stop the blood from the nose a few drops of lemon juice, buried in each nostril.

These emergency first aid measures are suitable asFor adults, and for children. Of course, after this, you should find out the exact cause of nasal bleeding, because it can provoke some medicines, aspirin for example.

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