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Means for heels

Agree, Coarse and rough heels Their appearance can spoil the impression of even the most pretty woman.

Rough heels

Specially for the beginning of the season of open shoes "so simple!" Prepared a Recipe means for heels, Which in the shortest possible time will make them soft and tender, like a baby.

Heel cure

To achieve perfect softness and smoothness,You will no longer need to spend money on the pedicure procedure in the salon! Another good news is that all the ingredients needed for this remedy are sure to be in your kitchen.

Rough heels

  1. Well, warm it, but do not bring to a boil 4 tbsp. Milk.
  2. Pour the milk in a suitable pelvis and lower the legs into it. 2 st. L. Soda.
  3. Hold the legs in this bath 10-15 minutes, then work the heels and the surface of the feet with a pedicure grater.
  4. Rinse your feet with warm water, apply a nourishing cream on your feet and put on cotton socks.

Heels are soft and gentle, and you want to stroke! And remember: regular care of your feet will avoid in the future such painful things as cracks and burrs on the heels.

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