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How to replace sugar

Few of us think about how much sugar is consumed. Statistics show that, on average, a person consumes about 100 grams of sugar a day, which is almost a kilogram per week!

Today our editorial board will share with you a secret, how can this insidious product be replaced and how, lose weight. only Natural sweeteners!!

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Than to replace sugar?

  1. honey
    Since ancient times honey has been the most popularWith a sugar substitute. It should be used natural honey, it contains in small amounts almost all vitamins and minerals. It is worth noting that honey is a very high-calorie product. So the daily dose of honey should not exceed 50-100 g, which should be divided into several receptions.
    Honey sweetener
  2. Stevia
    To date, scientists agreed thatThe most optimal sugar substitute is sweet grass - stevia. It contains the minimum number of calories. This honey grass also has medicinal properties: lowers the level of sugar in the blood, speeds up the metabolism, strengthens the immune system, slows the aging process.

    Try to replace your regular tea with a drink from stevia. You will not even notice how to lose weight!

    Sweetener of stevia

  3. maple syrup
    This treat contains a minimum amount of calories, because it is an excellent means for losing weight. Syrup is actively used, adding to various dishes.

    Unfortunately, in our country it is difficult to find quality maple syrup. The authentic product has a slight taste of burnt sugar and a delicate aroma.

    Maple syrup benefit

  4. syrup
    Natural sweetener from potatoOr cornstarch is molasses. This viscous mixture also resembles burnt sugar. The calorie content of molasses is 296 kcal per 100 g of product. It is perfect for those who are on a diet, but you should use it dosed.
    Treacle benefit

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