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Signs of the emergence of thrush in men

If a member of the stronger sex has a strongImmune system, eat right, go in for sports, do not enter promiscuity, then the chances of having candidiasis are almost zero. However, not all men can boast of strong health and the absence of bad habits.

Everyone knows that candida fungi liveOn all mucous membranes of our body (oral cavity, intestine, mucous of genital organs). In men, the onset and development of a disease such as candidiasis is only possible if favorable conditions exist for the growth of fungal colonies after infection or against a background of decreased immunity.

Causes of thrush in men

The first signs of thrush in men

  1. Severe emotional shock or prolonged stress
  2. Endocrine diseases (type 1 and type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, as well as impaired glucose tolerance)
  3. Deficiency of vitamins and essential microelements
  4. Strong and prolonged hypothermia of the body
  5. Long-term use of antibiotics or steroid hormones
  6. Metabolic disorders and, as a consequence, obesity

The first signs of thrush in men

Most of the representatives of the stronger sex canNot even notice the appearance of the first signs of candidiasis. This is due to the anatomical features of the male body: the structure of the genitalia does not contribute to the development of the fungal colonies. But if a man has at least one of these symptoms, it is worth to sound the alarm!

Signs of thrush in men

The first signs of thrush in men

  1. Edema and redness of the foreskin of the penis
  2. Pain during sexual intercourse
  3. Burning with urination
  4. Gray-white coating with a cottage cheese smell
  5. Frequent itching

It is worth remembering that in this case it is not worth itSelf-medicate. Often in the development of candidiasis, other sexually awful sexual infections may awaken. Should consult a doctor who will conduct a thorough diagnosis.

Also a man should take into account the fact of having a permanent partner: if a condom is not used during sexual intercourse, a woman should also be examined by a doctor.

I hope you will find this article useful. Do not forget to also learn how to fight candidiasis without using chemist's drugs!