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How to learn to think

Most often we do not think in advance what we wantto tell. This skill requires very good self-control: you must always be focused, not distracted from the people with whom you communicate and the subject of conversation. Yes, it's fucking hard!

Thanks to this story, I understood a lot. I'm sure it will be useful to you, the reader, regardless of what age you are at the moment.

How to learn to think

How to learn to think before talking

"It happened to me 20 years ago, but I still remember every detail ... when I was in grade 5, the teacher brought to the lesson a few tubes of toothpaste and balloons with shaving foam.

He removed the caps from the tubes and cans, saying,That we can squeeze the contents right on the desk! First classmates reacted to the idea with suspicion, but then ... madness began! When the packages were empty, the teacher calmed them all a bit and planted them in places.

Then something happened that we children did not expect at all! The teacher said: "Now you can start stuffing the contents back into the packages."

We laughed - it's absolutely impossible! "Think, then say!! Because words can not be returned back, like thisToothpaste can not be put back into the tube ... "- that's what the teacher said. I remember this case for life, he was imprinted in memory, as the cud is sticking to the children's hair. "

Think, talk, do, - this is the sequence that must be followed if you want to avoid serious mistakes and wrong decisions during life. We should remember this more often!