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How to make beautiful manicure

Nail service has firmly entered into the life of many of the fairer sex. But, you must agree, there is not always time and extra money to visit your favorite master.

Today our editorial board will reveal the secret of how easy it is to create with our own hands Professional manicure, Which is perfect for any event. Hope that these Lifhhaki for manicure You will definitely like it!

How to make beautiful manicure

  1. Lovers of manicure using gel-varnish necessarily useful ultraviolet lamp. Also, it will be a good helper when building up gel nails.
    Ultraviolet lamp for manicure
  2. This tool is called a dotter. It is intended for one simple purpose - to put points. Girls who adore a manicure in peas, will be delighted with such an adaptation.
    Dotter for manicure
  3. These clips are designed to remove persistent gel-varnish. Put the inside of the fleece with the liquid to remove the coating and carefully clamp the nail clip. After a while, remove the clamps and be surprised by the result!
    Clips for manicure
  4. For those who constantly turn over the bottles of varnish, came up with an amazing device - a holder for varnish.
    Holder for nail polish
  5. Mix your favorite shades of varnish on this handy gizmo!
    Palette for mixing gel varnishes
  6. Having cut off a usual brush from under a varnish for fingernails, it is possible to create a thin brush for an openwork list.
    Tassel for manicure
  7. If you are a fan of manicure tapes, you should make this useful device!
    Manicure tape
  8. At first glance, these objects resembleMulti-colored erasers. In fact it is a sticks for the design of nails. Make a thin cutting cross-section cut and paste the cut image onto the nail. The result will meet all expectations!
    Rubber sticks for nail design
  9. Another bottle holder with a varnish: now the bubble will always be at hand.
     Holder for varnish
  10. Cunning inventors, trying to please women, came up with an unusual device for quick drying of nails. From a small gap comes a stream of air, which instantly dries lacquer!
    Nail polish drying device
  11. To protect the skin of your fingers from exposure to varnish, apply a little liquid latex around your nails.
    Latex for nails
  12. These clips will help you not to go beyond the nail plate.
    How to work with a nail clip
  13. Also the dotter can be made from improvised means. To create a tool, use a pencil with an eraser and a regular pin-stud.
    Dotter for manicure
  14. Not so long ago appeared this adaptation for the French manicure. Set for the design of nails french tip dip will help you easily make your favorite manicure.
    French tip dip nails
  15. Using openwork stamps, you are guaranteed to get irresistible manicure.
    Stamps for decorating nails and manicure

Tell me about these useful things and lifhhakah girlfriends. And use other interesting ideas for spring manicure!