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Favorable days for hair cutting

Incredible, but a haircut, Made on a certain day of the lunar cycle, can both strengthen the hair, and completely stop their growth!

Astrologers are sure: If at least the tips of hair cut in a favorable day for it, it will not only contribute to greater attractiveness, but also attracts material well-being and physical health.

Lunar calendar of haircuts

"so simple!" Invites Lunar hair clipper calendar And on your own experience to make sure of its effectiveness. Choose your lucky day to visit the hairdresser!

Favorable days for hair cutting

The greatest influence on hair growth is due to the lunar phases: if To cut one's hair with a growing moon, Curls will start to grow faster, if with decreasing - on the contrary.

The easiest way Determine the phase of the moon: Raise your index finger and adhere to the night light, when it appears on the horizon. The growing moon next to the finger will form the letter p, while the decreasing moon will form the letter y.

How to determine the phase of the moon

However, closer to the equator this rule ceases to work, since in these latitudes the month is always visible in the recumbent position ...

In addition to the phases of the moon, hair is greatly influenced by Lunar days (Do not confuse with the usual calendar). The first lunar day begins with a new moon, when a thin strip of the young month is visible in the sky, but for the accuracy of calculation it is better to use a special calendar.

Moon phases

Adverse lunar days

  1. Day of the 1st, 4th, 7th, 12th, 24th, 25th
    To be cut in these days astrologers do not recommend, as it is possible to seriously undermine the health.
  2. Day of the 2nd, 10th, 15th, 30th
    Changing hair styles can lead to family quarrels and troubles.
  3. Day of the 3rd, 18th
    A haircut these days does not have a positive effect on financial well-being.
  4. Day of the 6th
    Hair can stop growing.
  5. Day of the 9th, 20th, 29th
    The energy of life is too much wasted these days, and the haircut can aggravate the process, which inevitably leads to a fit of melancholy and melancholy.
  6. Day of the 16th
    You risk acquiring a bad habit.
  7. The 17th
    Refrain on this day from visiting the salon, so as not to run into trouble.

Favorable lunar days

  1. 5th day
    The haircut on that day will attract money.
  2. Day of the 8th, 23rd
    The hairstyle will turn out successful and will hold the form for a long time.
  3. The 11th
    Magic day. Intuition is aggravated, special abilities are acquired.
  4. Day of the 13th, 14th, 21st
    A visit to the hairdresser can change the destiny for the better!
  5. Day of the 19th, 22nd
    A new haircut guarantees better health and a surge of energy.
  6. Day of the 26th, 27th, 28th
    These days boldly set any goals and confidently go to them. All beginnings are welcome.

Any woman wants to look irresistible. Listen to our advice, not only to always have an impeccable hairstyle, but also good health!

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