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Modern modular furniture

Due to affordable prices, practicality and unusual design Ikea furniture Fell in love all over the world. Laconism, clarity of lines and the possibility of refinement make it truly universal for any interior!

"so simple!" Will show you 10 Design Ideas, With which the best products of the Swedish brand will become even steeper.

Modern modular furniture

  1. Make the workplace as comfortable as possible by decorating it with a metal wardrobe.
  2. How to apply for a job

  3. Plastic containers for storing shoes and toys can easily be transformed into a very unusual rack!
  4. Container rack

  5. That's how the same table can look different.
  6. Ikea table

  7. This chest of plywood is the best seller of the brand. It is so universal that it just can not not like it!
  8. Chest of drawers

  9. Stools, which easily turn into a coffee table.
  10. Ikea furniture design

  11. Such shelves are a real find for a small apartment.
  12. How to build a stack of ikea

  13. The bracket for the wall mirror in the bathroom can easily serve as a holder for the light bulb.
  14. Ideas for ikea furniture

  15. The best place for a terrarium can not be imagined!
  16. Terrarium in the ikea bedside cabinet

  17. Stands under the hot from cork crumbs are great for storing small things.
  18. Coasters for hot Ikea

  19. That's how to use the space as effectively as possible!
  20. Organization of space

Be inspired and begin to create, because remaking furniture is an interesting and fascinating process. Who refuses to earn a penny to acquire a stylish piece of home interior?

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