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How to eat right to lose weight

For a long time you dream of losing weight, but you are afraid that you will not have the patience and willpower? Today we will tell you about Simple diet, Which will help lose weight correctly!

Diet by type of figure Affects exactly the problem areas of the body. Determine your type of figure to get the perfect shape now ...

How to eat properly to lose weight

  1. triangle
    Characteristic features of this constitution areNarrow shoulders, slender waist and wide hips. The diet of this type of figure should include simple products: sea fish, milk or cottage cheese, tomatoes, dark rice and lots of greens.

    You should forget about pasta, carbonated drinks and foods containing animal fats.

  2. Type of figure triangle how to lose weight

  3. a circle
    This type of figure is distinguished by its round shapes. In the fairer sex, often a large chest, and the waist is the same diameter as the chest.

    You need to add more fiber and fresh fruit to your diet. Sea fish, honey and walnuts will benefit the owners of this type of figure.

    Should exclude from the diet of white bread, animal fats and fried in sunflower oil products.

  4. Type of apple figure how to lose weight

  5. rectangle
    Even silhouette is the hallmark of this type of figure. The fairer sex in the waist area does not have the usual female bends.

    In a diet for this type of figure should be includedA large number of vegetables and fruits. It is also possible and necessary to eat meat, but only boiled. Per day you need to eat 100 grams of cottage cheese. It is required to completely exclude from the diet alcohol, coffee, potatoes.

  6. Type of figure rectangle diet

  7. hourglass
    This type of figure is famous for its perfection. Proportional shoulders and hips are the dream of every woman.

    A diet for this type includes a low-fatMeat, green leafy vegetables and natural juices. You should completely abandon the white bread, replacing it with bread. Once a week you need to arrange a day off.

  8. Type of hourglass figure how to lose weight

  9. Inverted triangle
    Most often holders of this type of figure - athletes. The shoulders of the fairer sex are wider than the thighs.

    These girls need to enrich their diet with marine fish, dairy products and beans. You should forget about carbonated drinks and high-calorie baking.

  10. Type of figure inverted triangle diet

To get the ideal shape in the shortest possible time, combine effective exercises with our useful diet. Do not forget to share the article with your friends, they will be grateful!